URL encode generator tool
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URL encode generator tool


Either ASCII or UTF-8 encoding. Explains what URL encoding is and how to use it. URL encoding javascript tool can be used to make button links for digg.

URL Encode and Decode Generator Tool

What is URL encoding?

URL encoding refers to taking simple text strings and converting them into URL format. URL format means the encoded text only contains alpha, digit, safe, extra and escape characters. In short, this means the text won't contain characters such as spaces, # or / symbols. There is no need to go into detail about this here but if you want to learn more about URL format visit World Wide Web Consortium.

When and why would you use URL encoding?

URL encoding is often used within website forms to enable efficient passing of textual information. For example, a webmaster may have a blog form on his website so visitors can type in their comments and have them displayed on the page. If these comments were to contain special characters such as a # symbol, the blog form may not transfer that specific information correctly due to symbols having different meanings. For instance the person filling in the form may be talking about C++ programming and might say something like:

"#includes are needed at the start of each c++ file".

However the form script could take it that the # symbol is refering to a webpage anchor instead of displaying it as simple text.

URL Encode Generator Tool - Makes any text into URL format.

Use the online tool below to either encode or decode a string of text. Where it says 'Character encoding' you can use the drop down list to choose either ASCII or UTF-8. ASCII refers to characters shown on our ASCII Table If you choose ASCII encoding and your text contains non-ASCII characters, a warning message will let you know. Then you simply need to try again using UTF-8.