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  For figuring everything from Ohm's Law to VSWR, nothing else even comes close. Try the free trial of Electrist and see why electronic engineers in some of the finest R&D laboratories in the world, industrial maintenance crews, power utilities, RF & audio engineers, circuit designers, telecom engineers, Ham operators, electronics hobbyists, and fanatical Do-It-Yourselfers - among others - love this software. With a user interface, features, and formulas found in no other software backed up with world-class customer service, it's no wonder!
   Even though it's the finest formula calculator by a long shot, it's even more than that. Electrist does seamless NEC ampacity look-ups to automatically give you the correct wire and cable sizes for any application - in both the AWG and Metric standards. You can also input any conductor's size, length, and material properties - from PCB traces to busbars - and accurately find the voltage drop.
   Sizing panels & transformers is also a snap with the built in load calculator. Enter any number & configuration of delta or wye/star and 3 phase, line-to-line, line-to-neutral, and/or centertap-to-neutral to instantly get both the phase and line loading in current, true power, and apparent power.

The most complete set of calculations - hundreds of formulas & variations:
  * Integrated Ohm's Law/Watt's Law
  * Resistor Color Code
)[ 6YT\4x  
  * Series/Parallel Resistance/Inductance/Capacitance
A_ A \X$  
  * Unknown Value of Parallel Resistance/Parallel Inductance/Series Capacitance
ZVnj . c  
  * Voltage/Current Dividers
  * Capacitive/Inductive Reactance
_k.1 6#T  
  * Series/Parallel Resistive/Inductive/Capacitive Impedance & Impedance Current)
  * Peak/Peak-to-Peak/RMS/Average Sine Wave Conversion
  * Wavelength/Frequency/Period/Velocity
  * Delta/Wye Conversion
  * RC/RL Time Constant
  * dB Power/Voltage Gain/Attentuation, dBu,dBm,dBW,dBuV,dBV Decibels (with either equal or unequal impedances)
  * VSWR
W? x|p%>  
  * Resonant Frequency
X#m? Lc~<  
  * Periodic Waves
!mXyN De/  
  * Conductor Voltage Drop (single or parallel conductors)
  * Conductor Size Selection (single or parallel conductors)3 Phase Load Calculator (Requires OS 3.5 or newer,
    but all other calculators will still operate on devices running OS 3.0+)
C[@gC Re56  
  * 3 Phase NEMA & IEC Negative Sequence Voltage Unbalance
  * 3 Phase Power (true power, apparent power, and reactive power)
  * Power Factor Correction
  * Cost of Use
- The easiest, fastest, and most advanced user interface available:
`2IW@N G5p  
  * Use AWG, Metric, and custom conductor sizes (such as defining PCB trace or busbar sizes)
#a hn0rY  
  * Create custom conductor materials
s4W#U RJ  
  * Calculate ANY parameter of most formulas
``C F, .  
  * Effortlessly scale values from 1 pico- to 1 Tera- ranges
  * Unique scale-lock control keeps value displayed in selected range
  * Enhanced Clipboard makes your work even easier and faster:
      o Cut & Paste full unscaled values
i =N~; E  
      o Direct access with functions assign, add to, subtract from, clear, and invert
/eM KWRp  
  * Each formula clearly displayed at the top of each form
V 2V>TBi6  
  * Map functions to any of the hard keys and navigator buttons
r Dv`7M<  
  * Built-In MiniCalc not only performs all the functions of a common calculator, but also many conversions
nL }7^kmm  
    useful to electrical professionals
- Fully compatible with any Palm OS device from system 3 to 6 whether color or monochrome

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