Clie Date on Status 2.0
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Clie Date on Status 2.0


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Clie Date on Status 2.0

License : Free
Size : 2.89 KB
Last Updated : May 5, 2007

· Palm OS 5.0 HiRes
· 4KB

Clie Date on Status

Clié Date on Status description

Have you noticed that tapping on the clock area in the status bar of your Clié handheld does nothing?

We've changed that! Now tapping the clock pops up the date bar.

Try it on your Clié!

RNS:: Clié Date on Status runs on every Sony Clié Palm OS 5 device with vertical HiRes+ display and a status bar:
NX series
NZ series
TH series (TH55)
VZ series (VZ90)

What's new in this release:

· Now also works in grayscale modes